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    i wish you all a very happy diwali

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    yes we would

    yes we would
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    so. ....i mean could we do this and still be able to monetise the heck out of it
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    another term for M.O.N.K. is MEN'S ORIGNAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL KLEPTOGRAPHY monk pills would work for us all...
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    hey i made an effort to make an acronym for M.O.N.K. MALE NATURE'S ORIGINAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL KRYPTONITE...
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    love you bruh for creating another subgenre for us MGTOW fellas ....
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    latest on geopolitics https://bharatkarnad.com/2021/10/11/taiwan-not-a-flashpoint-but-india-opportunity/

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    See this image from vk

    yep thats india for you as well
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    guys just posted a new video, please watch and enjoy if you like

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    true infelction point , its official now, its AUKUS vs QUAD in geopolitical scenario

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    MGTOW video ideas

    well i believe that in that regard, we as men and boys need to do some sort of heavy-lifting and expect nothing in return, thats what legends like stardusk and barbarossa and spetsnaz did back in 2012. Men are more individualistic in nature and i believe that our work and our website mgtow.tv...
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    posted a new video of mine for the brotherhood on mgtow.tv, please enjoy fellas

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    World: where to move?

    places like russia or singapore or even work in philippines for european origin people would be good ,for african-origin guys,africa is the mother continent, like botswana or rwanda or even kenya is a good option for asian dudes they could live in japan or any other country where...