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  1. eric.the.erich

    The White Feather Movement

    A while back I made an interesting video on the white feather movement which is a movement where women would pin white feathers on to men to shame them for not going into war.
  2. eric.the.erich

    If you arent chad dont trust your female doctor

    I don't really care how much estrogen or testosterone I intake. But the only dairy I consume is cheese.
  3. eric.the.erich


    Hello. I am arduouseric. I am hosting an episode of EH live and I need questions and news. If you would like to ask me stuff, click here. Or you can reply to this thread.
  4. eric.the.erich

    Need Volunteer to Serve on Board of Directors

    Hi there, this seems like an great charity. I will join it once I get my email back.
  5. eric.the.erich

    My Dad Found Out About My Channel

    That's ok. It doesn't index in search results.
  6. eric.the.erich

    My Dad Found Out About My Channel

    My dad found out about my channel and started doxxing me. what should I do.
  7. eric.the.erich

    My dad found out about my channel.:oops:

    My dad found out about my channel.:oops:
  8. eric.the.erich

    Hi Igor, I haven't kept up with you in a long time. How was your day?

    Hi Igor, I haven't kept up with you in a long time. How was your day?
  9. eric.the.erich

    I'm in french class

    I'm in french class
  10. eric.the.erich

    My Channel

    Hello. I have a channel on where I discuss my favorite things in the world such as Art,Gaming,Music,Philosophy, technology, food,and MGTOW. Which you cam find here: My Channel I also have a website where I talk about my social life on my website
  11. eric.the.erich

    There is too many spam.

  12. eric.the.erich

    Smart kid exposes feminists
  13. eric.the.erich

    I'm in the office

    I'm in the office
  14. eric.the.erich

    What pill am I?

    Does anybody have any quizzes that tell you which pill you are? If so please provide them.
  15. eric.the.erich

    I got back

    I got back
  16. eric.the.erich

    Are Dating Coaches Worth It?

    I don't think so. I'm honestly not very educated on the topic. But I don't think dating coaches are worth it since the only way that would work is if they knew (mostly) everything about you and your partner.
  17. eric.the.erich

    Bigender and MGTOW

    I am not even non binary anyways, I am agender,
  18. eric.the.erich

    Tomi Lahren PSA to Girly Men- If you think Conservative women are the answer

    I really hate when conservative women shame womanly men. Its just like when feminists shame manly men.
  19. eric.the.erich

    My dad is restricting email

    My dad is restricting email
  20. eric.the.erich

    Am I Selfish?

    I am currently 12 years old. Today me parents gave me dinner and I wasn't eating fast enough. I accidentally dropped a pea and my mom said I was giving food to the dog even though their name is comet. I told my mom that I didn't drop food and she said I did. Eventually my dad came in and my mom...