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  1. DarthPennywise

    An ode to my nigga Kyle Rittenhouse

    Shout out to my kid Kyle, you never got a fair trial and we now await the results, and because of faults its gon be a while...
  2. DarthPennywise

    Please Read as if your life depended on it...(it may)

    i just had an idea within a conversation that lead me down a rabbit hole of thought that im still trying to process... this archive is mostly for my people from the US but i invite anyone to join in to the talk... we're all trying to figure out where to flee to that promotes freedom... i offer...
  3. DarthPennywise

    (Money Monday Commentary) Well that escalated quickly...

    So i just got done watching the Halsey and TFM Money Monday Stream....i kinda get the vibe we're all much more fucked much sooner than we anticipated... if you havent watched this...and you have some semblance of the understanding of economics...watch what i just watched and let the honest...
  4. DarthPennywise

    When to cut someone off?

    this particular subject has become more and more relevant in my day to day dealings... so i'd just like to get some community feedback regarding specifically what we'd commonly refer to as the purple piller/red pill rager....when do we stop trying to help the people who started down the path of...
  5. DarthPennywise

    Food For Thought

    i wasnt exactly sure where to put this because theirs not a current events or education subsection... but i notice that almost everyone in normiestan, and internetistan seem to be super hyper focused on what they're teaching kids in public schools...and nobody really even noticed what they...
  6. DarthPennywise

    Regarding the Spam

    For all the people who are having an issue with the spam @Alpha_Male_Lifestyle dropped a video on Mgtow.tv Hes currently looking for Moderators for Mgtow.Cafe https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/sKCRDREJqE7rYi6 watch the video and get ahold of him if you're interested in being involved