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    LOLs ??? COVID vaccine, COVID travel restriction and mask mandates have been abandoned in certain countries

    These countries supposedly had the majority of their people take that death jab yet it's going rampant all over the place. Now the mofos have decided to abandon all that crap and open for business. rt.com/news/5344445-denmark-no-covid_restrictions/ More countries to follow. I hope those peeps in...
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    Public service announcement as regards getting a PS5

    Yes. At GameStop, lookout for the last day of every month. They sell ps5s but it's a bundle edition and you have to come into the store to buy it. Just brought one today. If anyone of you live near Wylie, TX there's a GameStop here that still got likely 20 ps5s to sell before the end of today
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    Myron Gaines works for the feds

    if you have done any collaborations with this bastard, or made the mistake of sending money to this fucker, the feds are watching your ass now. Well then again...if you are a competent man, you ARE on their watch list
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    Guys...in the USA; DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING; AND DIGEST THIS NEWS....CAREFULLY. This is some very sick shit!

    https://thebeltwayreport.com/2021/08/biden-regime-to-court-martial-soldiers-who-refuse-to-get-injected-w-experimental-vaccine/ DO YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?!!! FUCK IT! THEY NEED TO QUIT. THIS RETARDED VEGETATIVE STATE MOTHERFUCKER WANTS TO CRIPPLE THE MILITARY....THEN THEY CAN INFLICT TYRANNY UNTO...
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    What??? This black woman is actually onto something...They'll probably bring the pitch forks soon.....

    This one...is onto something....I am also surprised that the youtube gestapo has not chopped off her knees yet for bashing this "protected class"