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Am I Selfish?

I am currently 12 years old. Today me parents gave me dinner and I wasn't eating fast enough. I accidentally dropped a pea and my mom said I was giving food to the dog even though their name is comet. I told my mom that I didn't drop food and she said I did. Eventually my dad came in and my mom said
He's giving food to the dog!
I said
No I didn't!
She replied
Yes you did
I was so irate. Eventually, my dad came back into the room and my mom said
Maybe you can sit next to Eric so he doesn't drop the food.
I was so pissed so I said.
If you keep that up I won't eat the food and I will go upstairs!
Eventually I went upstairs and got so angry so I went downstairs. And I said my mom was
acting like a cunt
,Eventually my dad came in and my mom asked what my mom was talking about. And my mom said
He called me a cunt
My dad yelled at me and said
What's next, you gonna start calling black people niggers?!
I was really upset and I went upstairs and they started blaming It on the YouTubers I watch like Shoe0nHead or Blaire White. Eventually I went downstairs and told them I hated them and I went outside and waited to see if they would comfort me. My mom opened the door and started yelling at me. A half hour later my dad knocked on my door to come talk to me and we argued about weather or not it was okay to say the word cunt in a quotation context. My dad said the word cunt was just as bad as the word nigger. Eventually my dad started crying and saying the world wouldn't give me a second chance. I felt bad. I didn't know what to do. He said he would restrict email. But I really don't want him to. What should I do?