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Another fuel filled post, jk


There is too much truth out there and not enough time to process it in your mind. Some have not unmasked themselves to the point where they begin to get directly affected by the slightest of things.It is basically something similar to red pill rage on the flip side of it. Balance your time as efficiently as possible, redirect attention to multiple things/ventures/hobbies not to explode. The closer one get's to truth and self criticism the harder the blows. If you find a hundred flaws within any given normie or a group of normies within five minutes then it's probably time for some kind of therapy. The flaws are real, but the system cannot handle all of it, especially while isolated and then thrown into some kind of mix.

The flaw is also within self, because the world is twisted, the flaw is in inability to process, aka high expectations. These are my thoughts and and opinions but I understand that perhaps, not applicable to all.