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I suggest adding this channel to the content creator section 👍



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Many MGTOW view Ava to be another tradcon chameleon. I give her more credit than that. I think a very small minority of women are able to see the cause and likely effects of what is going on. In the end, she is certainly still being self serving, but so are we all on some level.

In that light, she is better than the average and her content is spot on. Never get it twisted though. She is still a woman subject to hypergamy and solipsism.

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I disagree. Yes, she's self serving for the simple fact that she figured out that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If she was in her 20's and looked hot she wouldn't acknowledge the gynocentric society and embraced feminism.


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If you watch her content, you will learn that the reason she understands the issues is because her current man is having the piss taken out of him by his ex. Obviously this affects "her" resources. Women have no ability to empathize with men unless it affects them directly. Similar cases are when a grandmother can no longer see her grand kids because their mother won't let the father have access to them. Then all of a sudden, they get it.

These realizations never come to them unless it affects them personally. All the same, once they occur, I think they are genuine. Girls like Ava are helpful on the macro level because the speak the truth and blue pill dudes are more likely to listen to them. On the micro level though, stay MGTOW.