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CrimsonCapsule's Divorce


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I'm documenting my pending divorece story here.

We married young, had three kids (oldest is permanently disabled) - once our youngest turned twenty my ex started to say things like "I didn't get the fairy tale experience" so I immediately applied the gray rock method to her exit strategy.

when she flat out said she wanted out I said "Perfect - just get a lawyer and an accountant and we can sort it out" that was in 2018.

Last June she finally pulled the pin and moved out.

We sold the house last September and settled all our debts and equalized pensions.

Here is where my story ventures into unicorn land.

When we were setting up our separation agreement she tried for three months (from July to September) to convince her own laywer that she did not want any alimony from me. She sent me screen shots of her email exchanges with her lawyer.

I waited until the house was sold to engage my own lawyer. I told him "this is going to be the easiest separation agreement you will ever see for a man without a prenup" he called bullshit. I made a wager with him.

When I shared the original proposal and her email screenshots with my lawyer he actually said out loud "what the fuck?!!".

My lawyer paid out the wager. I donated his payout to a charity.

I have only ten years of alimony and it's FAR below the "target" set by family courts here in Alberta.

For all you folks out there I hope your divorces are as amicable as mine.


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Hold on, she stated in emails that she didn't want alimony and yet she was still given alimony why?

I wish my dad were this lucky as he himself is going through this bulshit.

However for my dad's sake, he actually might get lucky because she was earning more money than he was for the past 5 years which means she would end up owing him money, however there was a somewhat recent development with her work status and I believe she is trying to earn less money on purpose so my dad ends up paying her, however my dad is on a fixed income due to retirement and I can see that being a very bad situation for him if the courts take her side.

Anyway, I turn this into my dad's situation when this was all about you and yours. Sorry about that.


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She wouldn't survive financiancially. After my conversation with my own lawyer I spoke at length with _her_ lawyer (without her knowledge) to let him know she needed at least ten years of something to allow the courts to approve our separation. I was the one that added minimal alimony to the agreement. I only have to pay the bare minumum.


As for your dad's situation - I hope he has a great lawyer
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Once Upon a Time
I never got married. found the red pill, and now i never will
and I lived happily ever after
The End

Not trying to make light of your situation Crimson i dont wish marriage or divorce on nobody...but since we were sharing I thought i'd just kick in my own two cents because i've been quite fortunate to have been engaged once...and had it fall apart and then ended up going my own way before i ever had a wife or kids.


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Excellent choice. my divorce lawyer told me "just because you have a court documented seperation agreement it doesn't change your marital status - separated is not divorced - You will need to file for divorce to re-marry" I responded with "it doesn't matter because I will never marry again"

He then played "what if you find a beautiful perfect woman on vacation sometime in the future and you want to get married?" scenario. I replied "if it floats, flies or fucks I will rent it 'nuff said"