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Destructive Element (edited)


There is a pattern emerging through civilizations of women raising to power https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodora_(wife_of_Justinian_I), insert any woman of/in power, Cleopatra or what have you. All of these women are almost exclusively the manifestation of ''whore of Babylon''. Is it safe to say that power to where a woman does not need to hide it anymore, opens some kind of a demon gate? Another angle is that they've already been born this way, this is why they start out as prostitutes from a very young age, tame as many men as possible and then marry into power. From that position they begin to bleed everything dry and then the civilizations collapse.The woman possess an element which is often unseen and that's manipulation. In the same manner these civilizations vanish and the only things that remain are some giant pyramids or some kind of artifacts which no one truly has an idea of it's origins or functions. It is a decent presumption that each time they attempt to establish a slave economy, it is the nature of these women to make everyone their slaves and this reflects today just as in any time in history.

There are two options a mythical and a sober option, however they can also be combined. The first is that they are a born hell-spawn or some kind of dark minion. The second is that these particular women are half-breeds meaning half female and half male, their mind is half male is what I'm trying to say. This gives them the ability to conquer so many men due to the men themselves being half-female in mind. (Read Sex & Character if interested in this half-breed theory)

Men of power, unless they are all exclusively homosexual(regardless) will have a wife and what are the odds of their wife being the true ''string-puller'', through unseen manipulation. I'd wager that their husbands are less then aware of the effect these women have on them. This can go into great detail but I'm not going to write a book about it.

Everyone always dismisses women because of their stupidity but no one takes into account the stupidity of men who marry them. So if we have a woman ruling behind a curtain, it is no wonder there is a push for globalism, surveillance (being in everyone's business, who's quality is that?)

Do you need me to spell it out? I trust the people who visit this site to complete the picture themselves.

In any-case, if we dodge the bullet maybe this world won't reset just yet. I keep thinking of the oracle talking to the indian girl(program) at the end of the movie matrix. Which means that this post has left the ''great architect'' out of the picture. So who could this ''man'' be? in my opinion there is no architect at the moment only minions everywhere, debauchery and tyranny. The architect will reveal himself to build the new world, he will give the next batch some books to read etc and the story will repeat once again. I just wonder what kind of artifact(reminder) of human life will the present world leave for the new.

Edit: some additions and observation.

First let's continue the post. With the presumed principle of above and below. What a woman who came upon power does to her husband, trickles down to the common man. Upon coming into power, the ''king'' or any man of power gets subverted by his wife. The chipping away at his masculinity, use of beauty as a weapon, psychological manipulation and so on, how it looks on the surface does not constitute as to what really happens on the inside of given man. He slowly becomes a shell, the woman then uses that shell as a mask to rule with. She rules with the face of her husband, until no longer necessary, when decadence of her slaves reaches the tipping point into descendance of pure chaos.

Female strategy is not what can appear as formulated or with structure. Just as an initiate of masonry, they first put themselves through traumas repeatedly, what seems to begin early in life. This is when they enter into a hybrid state, emotional psychology goes into this. Instead of logic, reason or structure the woman is fine tuned into the mans emotional state, into his biological circuitry. When any man provides what any woman is less than satisfied with, they launch a psychological assault which then ALL women are pre-tuned into. This is on a level of 4d chess, you are walking around with a bleeding wound and they can all see it.

Dissatisfied to see a man who does not work, he must be whipped back to work if not physically doing labor, his mind must be racing around subjects which benefit women. Nothing in this life instills more fear into me than a female does, because all ills trickle from that point. You will find this out the hard way, when you decide to pay NO attention to them. Today I've gotten maybe a full five minutes of detachment from slavery and it felt good but a storm of paranoia followed shortly after. Do no underestimate especially what can not be understood.
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Wow! I don't how you achieve this, but you made this almost read like fiction.

Of course I know it's the reality, however your writing style makes it very easy to consume and makes me believe that we can write something really amazing with it.

Question, are you a writer of some kind? Have you written a novel or a fanfiction perhaps in your life?

I know this sounds random, but I'm actually serious about it.


Thanks for the compliment on the writing, it is nothing more but luck. In fact, had to look up what fan-fiction is. The only thing is semi-constant writing, about everything that comes to mind. When you are passionate about something(out of necessity) and you land on the pulse, it may come out a little better than other attempts. Cross research helps, online, books and using tools like a Collegiate Merriam Websters Dictionary which has black pilled me more than anything.

After writing this article I've had a dream that ranked very high in the horror department.

Any ideas you have shoot them over.