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Distraction Economy


It does not matter what one is doing or setting out to do, he will be distracted.

Have something specific in mind? well... by the time you get to execute it, something will overwhelm you so powerfully, that you will forget what you've intended to do originally.

This is going to sound funny, imagine it happens regularly and this pattern of interests get's derailed, without having any awareness of it happening.

The world we live in is very bizarre, but it is more controlled than it is bizarre.

Once you've came to terms, specifically an under-standing that the worlds population is not without a leash. That this whole thing we call a globe (earth) has a mathematical formula to it. Money it self is most likely not even a currency or anything of use personally to those ''high'' up, it is only for the control of the mass.

You're probably thinking, ''that's bullshit, I do not get distracted easily if ever''. You get distracted 10 out of 10 times, my friend. It is better to accept it than try and fight it, trick may just reveal it self. For it is precisely when you start to notice ''all of this shit is a sensory overload, I can't make two steps forward without taking four or more steps back!''. Those ''unaffected'' are truthfully unaware (comatose-trance-sleep) life on autopilot VS when one is aware, actually realizes that he is all over the place mentally, realize his mind is polluted all the way to the moon.

The system in my opinion does not change much, it is the method of control which must be updated from time to time. Usually these updates are very incremental and take anywhere from 5-20-50-100 years to complete, the slower it happens the less chance for a hick-up. Thus, this hypno-state has existed for a very, very long time.

The most primitive example of this confusion-control would be a woman herself. Dementia - for everybody. The woman had to be designed like that for a reason- female nature. This could be a separate topic but female nature is somehow purposefully hostile and overly challenging for the larger bracket of male pop. Something had to either go up or go down... eugenicists have shaped it precisely to put the stronger sex into a state of oppression. This double whammy could of only came from a special group that is good at this double whammy thing. What I mean is: reality > Man is oppressed, but woman screams he is the oppressor of her! That one thing alone is enough to deteriorate much of desire to be alive, not including the other 999999999999999999999 retardation's that are taking place. Next up would be the gay-lords, the whole of media, music and any spectacle sized entertainment is ran exclusively by the gay. If the world resembles a clown world than it is very possible that the elite may all be lords.

It is difficult to stay on subject at this point without diving into something separate. At the same token, nothing is really separate. Which one can hold more text ? a piece of paper or a piece of stretchable rubber with the same dimensions/proportions?

If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire

Alright Voltaire! Women, Gays and Jews rule over me.

If these are the ruling entities than how in the flying fuckery fucked fucking fuck can any man think straight! Human nature it self is nothing but an animal nature plus narcissism. You've probably not accounted for how many time's you wanted to go on YT and watch one thing but ended up watching another.. back to square 1.

We are not talking about the thing's you've been accustomed to do daily (hammered into your head) like brushing teeth or going to sleep at a reasonable hour or going to work. We are talking about anything which lays outside the slave paradigm. Somehow those rare, grandiose or simply uncommon deeds are not materializing, somehow the power is always out-side of you and not inside. The special event's, the little free-dums are always directed by some big company or corporation.

Expand your mind by any means, materialism won't take you far. To be more or so independent is to realize you are a slave and that you do not have independent(free) will. We live in a construct built by the great architect, a perverted society, usually with a principle of reversal. I now see that wealth is not what is in your pocket. What is in your pocket is nothing more but a deterrent to any potential real growth. All this shit currently in the world is to powder your mind with more and more coke to make it numb and make it switch gears without your authority.

So unlike a church let me attempt to explain to the greedy mind why wealth is meaning-less. It is meaning-less because you will be passing down your Gypsy-Mansion to your government not to your son or to your wife (not your wife). Everything that's acquired will become property of the state, and with this resource directly or indirectly they will continue to oppress the world. If there was a way to pass down your acquired papers or houses or artifacts to your offspring and a way to ensure that they won't be another serving automaton, then yes.

Anyways, this is not for everyone, let's just say I'm putting this out as practice writing, etc.

As a conclusion let me state that my primary purpose in life has changed, it is no longer about the pursuits ''far off, in the distance''. It is about getting back what has been taken from me, mostly the ability to think. Yeah, i'll do a quick 360 and marry some skank and try to have a family, don't get me wrong. Now, think about this: If MGTOW were a threat of any sort to the system, then wouldn't the best way to take care of us be to get us some loving wife ? You have to ask your self, why is it so important to have this conflict keep existing and why threaten men with everything under the sun, but not have a decent marriage instead and everyone stfu? The confusions, distractions, manipulation and deception all come from the top, that's because they must all be wicked. Slaughter House.


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Pretty much everything that you were talking about was all planned, some people still look at this is conspiracy theory but it's starting to make more sense by the day and what's currently going on in the world, the Georgia Guidestones and everything written from within, State why things are going in a certain direction, you are correct the government have owned us this entire time and they are ready to open up the next stage in owning you further.

There was a point in time when I believed that we will collapse and have the ability to start over through patriarchy rule.

Unfortunately the more I think about it, that's not at all within the plans of the elite, the elite plan on making you a slave after they collapsed the economy throughout the entire world, their goal is to rule the Earth within one government.

And I believe they will achieve this goal no problem.

Many of us are trying to avoid taking the experimental shot, we will avoid death by avoiding it, however knowing what will come next will be far worse in so many ways, it will make you think that death's embrace via covid shot or suicide was the better choice to make.

I know this is a little black pill, and I'm sorry, I just know the plans because I paid attention even when most people thought it was conspiracy theory or fiction, but at this point it's too great to ignore as it's playing out like revelation in the Bible.

By the way you wrote this very well, I can't answer all your questions sadly, but it is what it is...



(Grammar - Logic - Rhetoric) - Classical

(Knowledge - Understanding - Wisdom) - Esoteric

(Input - Processing - Output) - Modern

All three of these mean the same thing, essentially. It is a mode of taking in information.

Each year the words, '' non-playing-characters '' take on a new dimension. When the information goes through all three stages. Ten years ago someone would tell me '' yo these people are just robots'' and i'd be like yeah no shit they all buy the same nike shoes, all stand in line for an iphone on que, all watch the same stupid shows on TV and talk like babies. That was just the surface level or in Modern terms, Input stage. By the time Output is reached, which is pretty much now, the concept has gave birth, grew up and matured and it is scary as fuck because I can't even put certain things into words anymore. Thankfully, Morpheus has encapsulated it best just add a few drops of Idiocracy to it or a whole bucket of drops.

The system has a special place(s) for those who unplugged, and the best place out of all those places is to be ostracized, ignored or in the very best case scenario forgotten.

You are right this is Biblical (I've yet to dive into the book) and the reason is probably because it is written in parables. The book would take some heavy years out of my life to study in even a half ass manner. The cattle does not get anything passed down to them, it's like we spawn in a counter-strike map and have to figure things out as we go. Our parents (i'm speaking for everybody, because fuck it why not) do not pass anything down to us, aside maybe some watch they've carried in their ass for generations... Not even that, haha. We get fucking nothing from anyone, nothing profound, just some canned saying, some typical bullshit that if I turn on the TV it can tell me the same thing. The zombies never bother, they strap in and go to work, regardless of absence of logic, reason, morality, self respect and so on.

Technically ''The Bible'' is possibly the ONLY thing-book that we get passed down to us from the past. Heavily edited aka heavily manipulated but still, it may be a place to start. I believe to get closer to God we do not need the scriptures, I view them more as something to study for purposes of Wisdom etc. Maybe i'll get to it before everything is literally burning.

Now onto the Georgia Guide-stones, think about it.. if we have 6-7 billion people right now, then 5.5 billion are walking past those stones without a care? Oh yeah, only 500 million.. with 6 billion people! in the fucking world, no one has swiped those stones the fuck out of there? no one pissed on them? took a shit on them? The whole world knows about them, yet not ''1'' activist to go and take a piss on at least one stone. EDIT: Ok, they were defaced, some graffiti put on them in 2014.

The elite must be bored, they've predicted that they would be bored right about now lol. The normie does everything to the fucking-tee, he/she does EXACTLY what they are told to do, this right here what is happening is more obedience than one can ever ask. Put on a mask, walk six feet apart, kneel, papers please, papers please, lick some feet lol

Like I've said my goal is to free my mind much as possible for that I do not need to go anywhere or do anything, just need water and food. Also i'm not sure if someone is to force me to take a shot, will I take myself out first or.. gotta figure out these logistics.
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the sad thing is most people won't be looking at this with urgency to do anything about it.

I hate to admit it, but most men going their own way aren't thinking about the bigger picture, everything that they're talking about right now for the vast majority of men going their own way, are thinking about the really stupid insignificant shitt like the whole onlyfans website thing, what they really should be thinking about right now is leaving the cities and living off grid away from where most of the shit will go down.

however I must admit, that even this may not be enough in the end, We can evade them for as long as we can, but they will eventually one day find us and make us their slave.

it's almost like you have to live like the Amish, with no technology to speak of, except also not living out in the open like they do.

Perhaps hidden away in a valley and some mountains where they aren't likely to find you.