Fathers are Still Oblivious to Divorce Rape

So I grew up in a family where my parents never divorced; yet, they actually believe that "oh...not all females are like that". Funny thing is, there are TONS of statistics stating that this runs rampant in the U.S. Are our fathers oblivious to it or do they really believe that their sons should experience marriage for what it is because it is socially acceptable? I know if I were fathering a kid, I would tell them the truth. Unless you REALLY want to risk it, DO NOT get married. Make your money, retire early, and only then decide. The average life expectancy of a male is 70 years or so in the U.S. Spend the first 30 really understanding yourself and gathering evidence from the other gender as to what they could do to yuou and if you still decide to marry, you will at least have only 35 or so years left if things get really bad.

Thing is, if things really get bad for the last 30 or so years, that could really lead to demise as those are the years you NEED to save for retirement and/or retire and if a divorce rape happens...RIP financially.
Yes, do not sign a contract. My sister recently was married to her now, husband, after boy friending it for about a year to two years. I would hope she is not like other gals out there who is going to be the cause of divorce rape. Then again, they did what was called a "courthouse" wedding, which I am sure is the actual contract, known to the district of Washington D.C. Thing is, I think this may be the contract that everyone fears. Why should a marriage be known to the state that you are in? Why cannot be known from one to another? I get it. It is because the FEMALE wants to see it that way. She WANTS to see it on the books because she knows of the large cash payout and this is why the marriage is not tied to love, it's to the money! Why would she marry someone who does not want to sign over their assets when she could just as easily have a relationship with someone else who is willing to?