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How does a man live?


Had to struggle with the tittle for this. A man that lives for ''pleasure'' is probably going to fall at some point. As kids we are given toy soldiers, cars, legos some just get a stick and some sand but you get it, men get all the necessary things which reflect the large world. What's the alternative to play with dolls? If our parents were the elite we would be playing with other things, or if they were brain maniacs, we would be Tesla types.

Unfortunately the alternatives to legos and toy soldiers often come after years of trial and error, often traumas. The successful types have an easier time, no moral hang ups about following the layout of the grid-lock. They just have the sense to not do drugs and intuitively pick up on power dynamics, decent genetic dice rolls and relatively put together families (good relationships with their fathers etc.)

Many of us are raised by mothers even while the father is present he is still technically absent. All of the anger, failures with women, troubles with the law, financial struggles, illnesses, weaknesses are the result of being more feminine rather than masculine. The head is the mother and the child, in it's most receptive years, take on their mother as the dominant.

What is the result? raised by ''wolves''. A male body that's feminine, just like a woman, will take on the most dominant energy around them but that energy won't stay for long, eventually falling back on their mother. In order for society to be functional each male child should take on their fathers masculinity and that should be the compass. The mother plays a role as well but that role is only significant if she knows her place.

The reason those who have been raised properly still have troubles, is because they run into mostly dysfunctional people but they have a higher chance of recovery, because what is instilled at childhood can't be distilled. Bare with me.. the people who follow the societies rules, who also have been properly raised are not perfect in a sense of morality as I've mentioned before, thus financial success and thus occasional extortion by those who are totally hey wire. At some point in their lives, they learn how to use the dysfunctional world around them. Truthfully I can't fault these people, it is virtually impossible to be perfect in this world. It's the elite that thinks that they are perfect.

The largest ball point of this is understanding where your mind really is, understanding it's basics. A male who is 50% feminine can already do better just by knowing the information. Feminine strategies are ineffective for a male, they are effective for a female. The reason female thinking ''seems'' to work is only because society is dysfunctional by design. It wants you to sign more papers and step into more traps.