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How to legally pay 0% income tax


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If you have assets of at least 3M GEL / 1M USD-EUR or have income of 200k GEL / 65k USD-EUR at least three years in a row, you can take advantage of Georgia's High Net Worth Program. If you meet these financial requirements, you can simply go to Georgia(most countries have 1 year visa-free access) and claim tax residency there - without having to stay there most of the year(183 day rule) !!!

Georgia has territorial tax system so any income earned outside of Georgia is tax-free. This also means the work to earn that income cannot be done within Georgia to be considered as outside-sourced income.

You have to do this every year and cannot be tax resident anywhere else. That means you cannot stay in any other country for more than half a year OR have "center of life" there. Also, this won't work for USA citizens due to their global tax system(ie. they are already tax residents of US).

Additionally, you can buy a property for at least 100k USD and get temporary residency permit if you want or 300k USD in total of properties and get temporary residency visa as investor. Again, most countries have 1 year visa-free access so it is not needed but you might be looking for residency in general(for example to set up business there, which also has some visa options) or possibly to get a second citizenship later on.

One caveat is that you need 25k GEL local income or have residency permit(ie. most likely owning a property, like mentioned above).

Why is this good? You don't have to move to no tax country, like UAE to take advantage of no income tax. You don't have to be in one country more than half a year(183 days) to become tax resident there(Cyprus has 60 days under specific circumstances). So you simply are not tied to any one place. Just don't become tax resident elsewhere and make sure you do not work within Georgia and you are living tax-free, 100% legally !!

This is perfect if you own at least 3 properties in 3 different countries or are nomad in general. If you run business and incorporate in corporate tax free country, like UAE, you just have to travel there to make decisions there and make sure the company's place of control stays there, so it won't pay any income taxes...and neither will you.

YMMV but this is a perfectly legal way to not pay any taxes, legally, and not have to stay in one place for more than half a year. Heck, you don't need to stay there more than a few days to get the paperwork done!

Here's good summary: https://expathub.ge/high-net-worth-program-georgian-tax-residency/
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