Husband’s fault wife is fvckin around

Apply this to the work setting as well. One gal at my work, new hire, looks at her cell phone and runs out whenever SHE pleases. My manager, who is also a woman, allows this even when I keep mentioning it. She even pulled me aside to talk about it and I told her straight up what she does and she states that I am right, BUT she still allows it.

Women work with denial and deception. We shut down community laws, we take away their ability to rape us financially. We need a way to get rid of them, but how?

THEY WILL CHEAT because THEY CAN, like WE, MEN, CAN and actually it is more beneficial for us to all cheat and hit up as many women as possible during a lifetime. What is wrong is how we have to lose 50% of assets, a house, and alimony when they do NOTHING to earn it.

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Respect equals fear to women. If a women cheats it is because she doesn't respect you. That's why religion allows wife beatings.