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Information is a very sharp double edge sword.


Without words, everything is written on a face. The mind deceives us with doubt, we expect good out of people but there are simply too many different species among us. That's where the Hollywood came in, conditioned expectations. It does not matter what we consciously perceive, since they've waved the wand of magic.

When truth is found, vales come down. Becoming aware and our minds healthy or healthier, deceptions become as daggers flying straight at us. Therefore the reaction is instant, damage is more evident. Intellect or simply understanding, holding variety of information is dangerous. With this the ego also begins to grow, another danger.

The gray man only works on the totally oblivious, doped up of the population, unless gray man is all encompassing, not only visuals. You can be broke, no money, no women, no car, no house, no food. However, now this is probably the most important out of everything I've written here thus far: If you are intelligent but have nothing else in life, your existence in it self is a danger to a billionaire or anybody else who is inferior morally. An intelligent individual can be jealous in theory of somebody who has lambos, but the person with lambos is ten thousand times more jealous of what's in the intelligent persons mind. All of this takes place on the sub level, people do not understand exactly why they don't like you, they feel threatened. It is an animal response and not many people have crossed the border from animal to human, unfortunately. I catch myself doing animal shit every day, multiple times, what's to say about those who live in the matrix.

It is not only rich people who feel inferior, that was only an example to spike interest, it can be anyone and everyone. Two bums fight over a vodka bottle, two boomers fight over beach property, two scientists fight over Nobel prize. The more is learned about human nature the less there is a will to go outside. I've understood what zeitgeisteater meant about ''structure'', I see how events trigger into chaos, how people band together just like some zombie spawn or hyena packs. Ironically, there is lot's of order in chaos and it would be nice to be able to turn into a crested porcupine at will. Who in the world is going to put work into themselves outside of maybe physical health? Most people have a default preset and it never changes, some are built in this way genetically from day one, so there isn't much to be upset about on that front.

Perhaps this is why the education system is the way it is, because a larger dna pool simply fits that criteria. Larger percentage of the population have a slave disposition, meaning to serve, this is what makes them happy. It is the society which resembles nobility, access to insanely wide variety of goods, however it is a vale. How else do you keep 6 billion slaves look happy, produce and reproduce? Give them the illusion of living like kings, competing like kings. While an actual king from back in time, had no access to 90% of the things we have access to today. The system is a template which encompasses the majority, giving them hard labor, physically or psychologically, thus the serf is compliant and obedient because BIG house, BIG car, BIG goocie bag anything BIG is good, it can even be small BIG.

If 90% of people are kings (I'm exaggerating, but it's close to the truth) than who are the 10%? Well, we know the 1%, will leave that alone. What about the remaining 9%? Those happen to be the disobedient, who inhabit such exotic locations such as: jails, insane asylums, mothers basements or are just purely food for everyone else. These 9% (exaggerated numbers, approximate) are the truly suppressed, actual king potential. The spectrum here is insanely wide, it could be anyone from a homeless person, to a scientist, philosopher, monk, some kind of crazed maniac or a saint, anything imaginable. Individuality is thriving within the 9% is what I am trying to say. The problem is ''individuality'', these people do not fit into the template of taking orders and obedience, at least half of these people do not force things onto others.

So the pool of ''genius'' actually comes from the 90% and these ''genius'' people are just acting, just like hollywood actors. While the real OG intellectuals and what have you from the 9% pool are despised. Welcome to capitalism, enjoy it. Idk wtf we are living in... capitalism, communism, fascism, totalitarianism it's all bullshit.

As George Carlin has pointed out, ''humans have barely left the cave''. Evolution takes a long time, definitely longer than one human life span. So what do we really know? nothing. I know nothing, I ain't shit.