Mike Tyson's and Herschell Walker's Workout-Routine


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His calisthenics routine: 200 sit-ups, 50 dips, 50 push-ups & 50 shrugs with weight – 10 times throughout a day, six days a week.


4:00 a.m.: get up and go for a three to five mile jog.

6:00 a.m.: come back home, shower, and go back to bed.

10:00 a.m.: wake up and eat breakfast (Oatmeal with fruit, OJ, and vitamins, washed down with a protein shake.)

12pm: ten rounds of sparring and three sets of Calisthenics.

2pm: lunch (carbs, protein, veggies, and water.)

3pm: another four to six rounds of sparring, bag work, slip bag, jump rope, Willie bag, focus mits, and speed bag (Cus was never fond of the speed bag) and 60 minutes on the stationary bike. Three more sets of Calisthenics.

5pm: Four more sets of the same calisthenic routine and then slow shadow boxing or focusing on ONE technique, in order to master the mechanics.

7pm: another balanced meal, usually prepared by Steve Lott.

8pm: a light 30 minutes on the exercise bike for recovery purposes only. NO RESISTANCE.

9pm: watch TV or study fight films and then go to bed.

Cumulative reps for the day = 2000 decline sit-ups, 500 bench dips, 500 push-ups, 500 shrugs with a 30 kg barbell, and ten minutes of neck exercises in the ring.

Cumulative reps from the start of training until the fight: up to 60,000 decline sit-ups, 15,000 bench dips, 15,000 push-ups, 15,000 shrugs, and five hours of neck exercises.

On top of stretching his neck in the ring everyday, Mike would also stretch his upper and lower body, (Cus wanted Ballistic Stretching) mainly performing plows, spread eagle, hurdler’s stretch, butterfly, as well as various stretches for the upper body.

This video explains more about what Tyson would go through on a daily basis training for boxing:

He gets up at 4 in the morning to go for a jog and did this because he thought he had the edge over his opposition. After finish his jog he goes to sleep for a few hours before awaking and starting his training routine.

His training routine was insane and involved a variety of things including calisthenic exercises, sparring heavy bag work and mitt work among other things.

His diet was strict which mainly included steak, pasta and veggies and chicken. He would get protein from the steak and chicken which would help for muscle growth and help grow his muscles from the training he did during the day.

The fiber and vitamins from the vegetables help promote a healthy digestion and gives helps maintain a healthy central nervous system. The pasta he had was high in carbohydrates which would gave his body the energy to complete those grueling workouts.

He would wash these down with fruit juice or water which are way more healthy than drinking soft drinks.

Mike would have his cheat meals as he loved eating ice cream and his favourite cereal Cap’n Crunch.