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My favorite video game is Skyrim


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I work for the telco that consistently wins the JD Power and other awards for the best speeds for wireless networks in Canada. the other telco's in Canada cannot get anywhere close our speeds. I have no idea how starlink compares
I don't think that starlink's main purpose is high speed internet so much as it's to allow internet access all around the world no matter where you go.

The basic idea is to create a net of satellites that are constantly in orbit of the Earth to provide internet access all over the world.

And I'll be honest that's not a bad goal in of itself, but I believe this is also going to boost the internet speeds as well as a byproduct.

And at some point it will be used to track you everywhere you go, so there will be no place to hide, because that's how the governments of our world work, they want their One World Government or their New World Order.

I personally think that 5G will eventually be used to entrap the people of the world.

Think of how Chinese Communism works except on the scale of the entire world.

We might be saved if we go underground. But even some of our technology can scan through the ground to a certain degree.

Damn, I just keep derailing the comment.