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Please Read as if your life depended on it...(it may)


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i just had an idea within a conversation that lead me down a rabbit hole of thought that im still trying to process... this archive is mostly for my people from the US but i invite anyone to join in to the talk...

we're all trying to figure out where to flee to that promotes freedom...
i offer up this one thought....there isnt any where that promotes freedom...
where can we go that offers up no good ideas..
Enter the collapsed state of Venezuela.
i would never suggest conquest...the imposition of my values on others is reprehensible,
but the PEOPLE of Venezuela cry out to be free'd, they dont have the means to do so.
the free People of America demand to be left alone...they dont have the numbers to do so
what if the free people of Venezuela joined up with the free people of the US.
nobody needs to declare succession or insurrrection against the US government...
we just need to free people from their own oppressive goverments and when they try to vote themselves other peoples stuff tell em to fuck off
we could legitimately do this with minimal blood shed... its just a thought to help the cycle of weak times strong men, strong men good times, good times weak men along so the hard times are minimized


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I'm in Canada - don't bother trying to escape to here. I am also examining where to escape FROM Canada. somewhere in south asia is where my research is is pointing, but I haven't fully fleshed it out..