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When to cut someone off?


Staff member
this particular subject has become more and more relevant in my day to day dealings... so i'd just like to get some community feedback regarding specifically what we'd commonly refer to as the purple piller/red pill rager....when do we stop trying to help the people who started down the path of self improvement and realized part of the way in that this is in fact the HARD mode road... and it's not meant for everyone...and you can only go so far down this road before you realize the way back has been blocked and you can only go forward. i've had a decent sized hand full of real life associates, friends, and even a family member who came to me seeking advice because i displayed a clear balance of understanding to them...i've always been one who does, not one who teaches. in this regard i find it hard to explain a wide angle world view to some extremely narrow minded people. i'm starting to accept the fact that TFM is right about people needing to feel enough pain to wake up from the dreams they've been sold


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I understand what you are saying...however, as for myself.....I prefer warning people I know about potential disasters and how to avoid them instead of acting after the fact. If I warn someone about something....and they refused to heed my advice...and the problem that I warned about came to pass....I will not go trying to help that person. Dumb arse should have reflected on my concerns and advice when it was given