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Woman charged with revenge porn in Batavia

Woman charged with revenge porn in Batavia Woman was served an arrest warrant on a felony charge of "non-consensual dissemination of a sexual...

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False Rape Being Rare Is A Lie

Thank god I have archive for this article, which shows false rape is NOT rare as women and feminists claim it to be. " The researchers then...

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The White Feather Movement

A while back I made an interesting video on the white feather movement which is a movement where women would pin white feathers on to men to shame...

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Hello. I am arduouseric. I am hosting an episode of EH live and I need questions and news. If you would like to ask me stuff, click here. Or you...

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My Channel

Hello. I have a channel on where I discuss my favorite things in the world such as Art,Gaming,Music,Philosophy, technology, food,and...

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Bigender and MGTOW

🙋 I am a member of the MGTOW philosophy. I am the first ever demiboy/bigender MGTOW. I believe there are only 2 genders.I think it is important...

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These are Hollywood actors

Just walk into any Hollywood print shop and you will see copies of wannabe actors headshots like this of Derek and his Asian/Latin looking wife...

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Pakistani girls sold as brides to China LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Page after page, the names stack up: 629 girls and...

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Men are paying $76,000 for a limb-extending surgery that involves breaking leg bones and inserting nails and screws

Dr. Kevin Debiparshad Some men and a few women are getting plastic surgery to lengthen their limbs and grow up to six inches taller. Dr. Kevin...

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