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Canada decides to drop vaccine mandate to hop on a plane


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Chile's Male Feminist President Elect Sets Out A Feminist Government

https://www.hrw.org/news/2022/01/25/chiles-new-president-elect-sets-out-feminist-government Chile has a new government with a

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sammu adams
How to spend alone in Christmas.

Wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy new year. If you feel lonely this articles will help you up...

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sammu adams
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and How the Media’s Lies

https://thefederalist.com/2021/11/18/kyle-rittenhouse-trial-is-a-case-study-in-the-medias-lies-about-racism/ The best thing that can come from...

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sammu adams
Where is Saint Hammudi now?

does anyone knows what happened to saint hamudi aka the Syrian incel? is he at another country? Is he alive or dead. Is he at German prison for...

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sammu adams
Sean Penn's Devorce

Sean Penn's Wife Actress Leila George Files for Divorce After 1 Year of...

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sammu adams

M.D.E.S stands for men escaping degenerate society. It is not a movement but only a realization of the truth that the western society as a whole...

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sammu adams
As it says

As it says in the picture

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Canada makes it mandatory to get death vaccine to hop on a plane

Trudeau wants you to take the death shot if you want to travel now... Even the zionists themselves fully admit these death vaccines do not...

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sammu adams
See this image from vk

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Informed Consent For Covid Vax

Attached is a PDF I got from a clinical research group that wanted to do a clinical study for a Covid vaccine. It is a 26 page scientific report...

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Taliban bans death vaccine in Afghanistan’s Paktia province


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Pfizer, Moderna seen reaping billions from COVID-19 vaccine booster market

Pfizer, Moderna seen reaping billions from COVID-19 vaccine booster market Michael Erman Fri, August 13, 2021, 6:05 AM By Michael Erman NEW YORK...

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How to put newsworthy content on the home page

You can put newsworthy articles on the home page of this site simply by attaching an image to the post.

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